6 Top Selling Mystery Books on Amazon Right Now

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By SF Brian

There is something about mystery books that makes them real page turners. They grab your attention with fascinating stories that intrigue and delight and give you the opportunity to experience safe thrills. Whether it is stories about amateur detectives, hidden pasts or seemingly perfect marriages, we can’t wait to experience how the mystery will unravel. If you are looking for mystery books to buy on Amazon, try these six bestsellers.

1. An Innocent Client

By Scott Pratt

An Innocent Client is about Joe Dillard, a criminal defence lawyer whose conscience is telling him to quit his career, which has made him cynical. That is until a beautiful and mysterious young girl is accused of murdering a preacher in cold blood in a Tennessee motel room. Even though Dillard wants out of the game, this case is too irresistible and he takes it on believing the girl to be innocent. This is the first book in the popular Joe Dillard mystery series.

2. The Woman in Cabin 10

By Ruth Ware

When travel journalist Lo Blacklock goes on a week-long dream assignment on a cruise ship with high-class guests staying in luxurious cabins, the last thing she’d expect is to have her world turned upside down. Yet, that is what happens when she sees a woman being thrown overboard. Shockingly, life on the cruise ship goes on as normal and all guests are accounted for. How is Lo supposed to convince anyone of what she saw?

3. The Silent Wife

By Kerry Fisher

In the Silent Wife, Lara finds out that her husband, Massimo, is holding onto a deep, dark secret that can destroy everything, including their innocent little son, Sandro. Meanwhile, Maggie, who is married to Massimo’s brother, Nico, has discovered something horrifying about her husband’s first wife after reading hidden letters in the attic. With the price of telling the truth too high, can these women stay silent to protect their perfect homes?

4. The Wrong Side of Goodbye

By Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is the new investigator on the block and a bit of an oddball who mostly sticks to himself. One day, one of the richest men in Southern California asks him to find a woman he had once gotten pregnant. The problem? She doesn’t want to be found, and what happened to the rich man’s potential heir remains a mystery. The more Bosch works on the case, the more he realizes the case could be dangerous to everyone involved, especially him. As it turns out, this case is strangely linked to his past, which only makes it more intriguing to him.

5. The Pecan Man

By Cassie Dandridge Selleck

It’s the summer of 1976, and the police have discovered the dead body of the chief’s son near the camp of an old black homeless man, who is called the Pee-can Man by the neighbourhood children. He is charged and arrested for murder. As it turns out, Ora Lee Beckworth, a widow without children, hired him to mow her lawn that very summer. 25 years later, Ora decides to tell her story about the Pee-can man, but in doing so, reveals shocking things about herself she didn’t even know.

6. Due Process

By Scott Pratt

This is the ninth book in the Joe Dillard mystery series. This time, Dillard takes on a case where three college football players have been accused of sexually assaulting an exotic dancer at a party. What seems like a simple case sparks tensions on a national level fueled by a shadowy figure whose agenda is a complete mystery. Can Dillard navigate through the falsehoods and conspiracies to find justice for his client or will this be the case that finally does him in professionally?

Amazon has a great collection of mystery books that will thrill you at every sentence, page and chapter. But if you are having trouble picking which books to buy, this list will give you a good idea of what mystery book lovers are currently reading and enjoying.

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